First of All, who Decided Life Had To Be Hard

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I can’t stress enough how life has become really difficult for our generation. I mean, we survived a pandemic and yet the worse came after when inflation decided to kill us even more so. We are all struggling to find a happy place, mental health is rising for the worse and well, I have not seen any good in people in a long time.

The dollar has made us crazy and we are selfish to think, we are alone in this suffering. No one cares about anyone but themselves and that doesn’t seem to be enough. People go around trying to make money online, trying to find outlets to keep us hidden from reality and I bet the alcohol sales are rising. Social media is royally fucked up with their privacy policies and rules and we can’t seem to just simply the necessities.

Even one of my work computer programs told me this:

“memory is low, leave the transaction before taking a break”

Really. Ok. Now the computer starts talking back, it is time to take a break for sure or evaluate life.

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