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Find What is Important to You and Go For it

Personal Notes:

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As I practice a realistic lifestyle, this morning I consider the possibility that maybe people are just not interested in this blog. If only I knew for sure but then again, why does it matter?

Well, I feel I have something to bring to the table; I want people to be more aware of their lifestyle and stop living in a dream world. Wherever you live, whatever you do or how you experience your day to day living, we all must survive.

The internet has become our all seeing and knowing encyclopedia and for what it is worth, we all find different ways to explore what we need and want. I truly believe in the end whether you are amongst one of the top websites in the world or the last, everyone has something to bring to the table. Information is key to being to your own desires and I think we mean to live whatever life throws at us.

Blogging Notes:

Today, I look at my layout and branding has become such an important part of blogging, it has to be the most stressful. I like change and after I have tried a new theme, I find myself thinking “it is too much”. I get frustrated because I get bored easily when landing on a website if it is too wordy or has to much this and that. Practice what you preach, right?

Final Thoughts:

Today is Sunday and as I don’t want to spend to much time on this, I feel it is only important to satisfy ones’ needs and not what everyone else thinks. Opinions will come and go but your sanity is the most important.


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