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I was watching a show last night and the people were at the airport. All I could think about was that feeling I had when arriving at an airport on my way to my favorite destination. Oh, how I miss the beach!

I can’t even begin to describe that feeling and how it makes me happy. It has been a few years since travel has been in place and I am longing for it. My mental state in this matter is affected a lot by the fact that I used to travel at least twice a year and now unable to go anywhere for lack of funds of course.

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My parents have a home in Texas and are soon to arrive there as they were able to make their way back without restrictions. I envy them at the moment but that isn’t my favorite place although I love it there as well.

The sound and smell of the ocean fills me up and the peace that comes with that is unbelievable.

They say when you want something bad enough you make it happen. Years ago, I was able to do that but now it is a mere memory of what once was. Now I can only dream of the day when I can return to my favorite beach and lie in the sand.

There is something about this place I love that makes me feel more than peaceful but a sort of belonging. I have never been able to really pinpoint the moment but all I know is it makes me free.

Let’s hope some day, I can get the money to go.

The next question that comes to mind is why are some people so lucky in their lives, to have it all and be able to do what they do when they want and others are left behind in the cold? They say there is a bigger plan at work but I have to say, it does not seem fair at all.

There are people in this world that hardly work for their money and others that work to hard only to struggle constantly. It seems a shame that we can’t all be happy or satisfied with our lifestyle. I am not a greedy person and I know that if I was wealthy, I sure as hell would make the best of the people I care about would be taken care of. I believe there is only one aspect that is unclear to me, if I had loads of money but then again that would be another chapter I would deal with when the time comes.

I am not asking for a lot, only a substantial amount to keep me comfortable.

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As time is already flying by in January, I continue to evaluate my creative side and see how all of this fits. It is funny, I just looked over at my notepad and the word “patience” is written down.

As always, be unconditional, find your moment and do something nice for yourself today and every day.

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