Fake People and Lifestyle Differences

We all know how difficult it can be to clear our minds in order to function but can we really clear it? Life is so chaotic at times and when reality sets in, daily events can cause destruction or difficulties. Last night, as we sat and watched our favourite show, I said outloud: “why can’t we have just one day where everything is good.”

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Welcome to my world.

I don’t know about the rest of the world or people but I am sick of being unlucky at life. The harder I work at something, the more I struggle. I believe so hard in something and progress as much as I can even accomplish and yet there is always this big cloud over me. So depressing for a Friday morning but it is so true.

Maybe it is my negative way to put a spin on things but it is the truth. After carefully looking at options and details yesterday, I have decided to take it for what it is. I will just continue making my courses and if it does not happen for me, well at least I know I will have made my mark somewhere. This is so important to me and i really wanted people to benefit from my idea, the gateway to unconditional living only because i feel people need a good change. Some are so trapped in their ability to lay it all out there and i feel it is my purpose to teach them how to free themselves.

Even though I sound like at times I am ready to snap, I assure I am not, I just think that if you say it like it is, people will be more apt to believe in you rather than move on to the next page because the last website you visited or video you watched claimed to make you rich or otherwise. “Fake People”, I called them, promises with holes in them.

After a long week, I wish you all a great weekend and for those of us in Canada, surviving our first snow, let’s remember to acknowledge the present moments and learn to be unconditional by accepting people for who they are and what they believe in.


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