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Facts are the best Policy

ever have one of those visions where you think you have everything figured out and all seems fantastic and even when you finish a project, think: “wow this is fantastic” so proud!

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Poof – the next day arrives and you realize this isn’t what I want for myself. This comes into effect when you aren’t balanced. The world outside has left you feeling less worthy, less important and all has went to shit so therefore, you think that your insides are just the same.

For years, big motivators would tell you to ‘visualize’ wealth, happiness, health and it will magically appear. I happen to believe that this is just another plow or con to make money or believe some bogus bullshit in order to make it better. I can tell you from experience, the world doesn’t work that way.

What everyone needs to really believe in is unconditional. The world is what it is and there isn’t anything out there all mighty powerful that will make or break the visions of wealth, happiness and health.

Physical evidence has shown us that:

“if you build it, he will come”

senerio is the fact. if it is tangeable, you can believe it. “show me the money” was antother; if someone sees the money building in their account, then you know whatever adventure you are on is working.

All I am clearly saying is that if you can see, touch, feel, then it’s real. You might also add that words can be real as long as it is backed up with proof. If someone says, they are going to help you, then they better show the means.

At the end of the day people, I think that if you know you are working hard, you have the drive and ambition still flowing through your veins, then I guess anything is possible.

I hope you enjoy my honesty because I am certainly that. Although it seems that sometimes I do not have an exact center, let’s say, I am always truthful and inspire the idea.


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