Evolving. why it is important

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people will say if you change constantly, you will not be recognized. i beg to differ. people will see that evolving does mean change and change is a reminder we are still alive.

we are to say the least, on the move to find better ways to live and some of use can’t put the positive in place only because more shit happens than can be explained.

Our world evolves all the time and we are reminded of this every time we turn on the television or open our computers, check our emails and social media.

how does this affect our life but also our mental health? I have noticed more and more people are “coo for coco puffs” lately, lashing out, angry, broken and society does not have enough professionals, if they are that. to assist in this battle.

I say professionals but really they are text book people with a piece of paper that allows them to write in their little notebooks about us while in session.

Frankly, anyone can do that.

The real listeners are the ones that listen, that do not judge that help without even asking and that my friends is the magic.

Then there are those whom you think will reach out and don’t because they can’t handle your situation. Most people has no idea how to deal with issues or other people that have a problem because in dealing with the reality, they can’t deal with themselves.

In my case, employers have the same issues. They don’t know what to say or how to say when tragedy strikes and from experience I am here to tell, words speak very loudly when someone says they are there to support you and don’t.

Healing is a big process and although I believe we set our expectations way to high for ourselves, I think healing is a lifetime event. Don’t rush the issues, teach yourself to understand and be patient with your own feelings.

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