emotional state of mind can lead to discomfort

this week, i have noticed my eating habits have taken a turn and my body is paying for it. i have felt very mixed up inside and the outside of my body is telling me or giving me signals. how often do we see this? i know we are all in a ‘tizzy’ over our current situation but we all wish it was ‘enough’.

the funny thing i have also noticed is that this pandemic hasn’t gotten worse or spread more since we started giving out the vaccines. doesn’t that just blow your mind?

the hardest part of this week has been discomfort, not knowing what comes next, the struggle of living the lifestyle i really want and how unhappy i am really am with most of my life. it is sad to say but i am not where i want to be in my personal or professional life, thinking what i wanted isn’t what i need. isn’t that a fact that both should mend together but they don’t.

a need and a want are so opposites and we must understand this to continue on our journey.

life: need riches: want realistically, we can’t always have what we want but when i listened to that video i posted on my front page, i am reminded of how many times i have said that exact same phrase:

“why can’t i have what i want? why do so many other people have success and i am struggling?”

good questions to ask yourself.

i refuse to believe that this is my life and i should just accept it but why settle for something that clearly doesn’t feel comfortable. i suppose the old saying says: “you made your bed lie in it” comes to mind but that’s just it. i didn’t create this chaotic lifestyle of boring, it what was expected of me. this is really hard on me and i can tell you, one day, i will bust.

what is in the works this week

my career is taking another turn, started another job tomorrow will prove to be either a great move or a flop like every other job. i am going in with an open mind and we shall see. my yard has taken a back burner only because the weather is horrible not to mention probably the reason i am feeling so low. my website has taken on some new look and name because i felt prompted to make something interesting. next month will work on a little project of focus and see how it all turns out.

again, thank you so much for reading and always be unconditional.

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