emotional rescue: what do we really know about another person

as i basked in social media banter this morning, i thought why all the negativity? well, my friends, for ages people have been putting others down for being who they are or what they represent. some people live their lives according to what they believe is expressive to their personality.

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it is hard to say what is right or what is wrong. all we can do is accept others for what they feel is their best of the best.

the problem is words are hurtful and i am reminded of how many times i have been let down for trying to be myself. people expected certain behavior and when i would step out into my own creative free for all me, i was definitely put down or judged. still today there are some who feel as though it is their mission to hurt my well being.

good thing i have a fan who admires my words and keeps me in line.

a reality sets in when some turns that negative into a positive. i have been trying so hard to please people all my life that i have really forgotten what it is like to just be me.

i was watching this #youtube personality this morning call #jeffreestar, now that guy has his shit together and doesn’t care what people think or say. you have to watch him, he is quite amazing but also stands for what is right in his life. not to mention his outlook on life. i have great admiration for him. thanks for being you Jeffree.

so what does this mean?

for those who still can’t get a grip on reality and feel as though people control your own well being, you need to take a step back and re-evaluate what is important. do you want to be sucked into an already chaotic world #2020 or do you want to rise above the garbage.

#talkingtomyself this morning ( ha ha )

sometimes you just have to realize people will always be people.


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