don’t be fooled by people’s intentions

i often worry that although people have good intentions, they may have a motive for their behavior. we do not and will not tolerate bullying and certainly can’t control the actions of others. what we can do is use our resources to benefit ourselves and our lifestyle.

july is upon us and i am simply making it all about authentication. how often do you hear that word? it is the art of being yourself and being realistic in all aspects of your life. i remember a time when i pretended to be someone whom did not reflect the actual human being i am. this week i have spoken to many people who present themselves and fake it.

i dislike fake people or those who pretend and make false statements because they are conditioned to do so by a bigger medium.

needless to say, representation is huge in any business or personal venue.

i, on the other hand don’t plan on faking it until i make it. i want to be me and with all my intentions of promoting this, i hope this message will be clearer as we move along during this month.

Personal Note:

i haven’t really checked in with myself lately, which i find very odd as distraction is the key to my new lifestyle. however, if i was to say look deep within, i guess at this point in time, i am numb to my feelings. visions of the past have certainly subsided, i am not interacting with people as much and i certainly don’t get out.

my stresses are slowly relaxing, which for me is great but there was one subject that did come up yesterday and the issue of money still is evolving. as i spoke to my boyfriend, i reminded him how hard it is to rely on him financially and made it clear to him he needs to understand that this is so important to me, having financial independence has been my motivation for many years. i feel myself slipping but soon will be back on track sorta speak.

although he claims to understand my feelings and stated: “i have known that for years” – i wonder if he really knows how i feel. the question is does it really matter?

not really. as long as i know, that’s what matters.

ok. so let me start my day, and i hope you have a wonderful weekend.

as always, stay unconditonal.

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