Do You Judge Others By Judging Yourself

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Judgement comes to mind when dealing with people but it is also an important part of mental health. We judge ourselves constantly because we don’t like something or because we feel we aren’t enough.

When travelling through the past years, I have seen so much stigma on judgement, that it baffles my ability to comprehend why people feel the need to point the finger. As a leader, I was constantly battling people who would do this on a daily basis and the hard part in that position was trying to be biased and fair.

Words are the most powerful thing and if not chosen wisely, you can really hurt someone.

I am also reminded of a project I started last year, a series called “The Gateway to Unconditional Living” and thought maybe I should really work at getting that printed. I believe more people need to understand this concept I have been preaching for years.

Although my life isn’t what I want it to be doesn’t mean I can’t keep plugging at it.

in the Present Moment

In a few days from now, I will on a new journey, #career, a company was nice enough to offer me a position that values my qualifications. I am anxious to see how it will go, although with my 2021 experiences, I am not confident only because working from home companies aren’t always the best. However, this is a reputable company and it is for a good cause. I will feel like I am doing my part in this crazy pandemic and the money is good.


As you can see, the website has changed again but only for the good I think. My goal was to create simple with a little color and the theme for January. My satisfaction has been fulfilled, for now.

The Focus of the Week

I think this week I want to tie up lose ends and what I mean by that are projects or things that I have been left undone. I want to look at my files, even this blog and clean things up. It is like our homes, we collect so many things that we never use and it is only collecting dust.

as always, be unconditional, find the time for yourself and remember, life has a way of showing us.

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