Do You Have a Need That Isn’t Met

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There is an interesting fact about blogging and design, everyone wants to be like everyone.

I wish I had a dollar every time I landed on a blog page – website that had the same layout. I would be very rich. It is amazing how many bloggers seem to pick the same layout. Big header, an about section, services, etc. you get the idea. The trouble is that most people who read a post, never really see the front page of any website.

So why spend so much time creating it?

I guess most popular websites, affiliates, bloggers will tell you that the landing page is key to a great business. However, I believe words are what impact an idea. Yes, we all need visuals because after all, that is what attracts a person to any website. The big headline and an image.

I noticed as well that colour is a big issue. I do not like pink therefore the idea of having pink on my website “gags” me. That being said, I believe we must pick colours that match our own unique personalities.

I supposed that’s why I use black and white a lot but it does not mean I am just that.

In the Moment

It has been a long three days with the new job, information overload and quite tired. I do like it though it seems like an interesting job and I have met some nice people. We all know me though, I won’t get too close to anyone as my experience shows, protecting myself is key to my wellness.

People have a way of disappointing you and I have had enough of that in my life. I went to put the garbage out this morning and I realized how much I miss being outside. The crisp fresh air hit my face and I was totally engaged at that moment. I am just waiting for some good weather so I can get my ass out on my deck and take some fresh air. I really need that at the moment.

I am so looking forward to my summer months, the freedom of relaxing in my pool and enjoying the breeze. I have neglected myself so much that my body is feeling it. We are creatures of destruction, the sad idea that we come last.

as always, be unconditional,

the Writer

PS: if it is allowed, I think it is time I really pay attention to my needs.

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