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there are some people who lack the respect and ability to confront a situation dead on when it comes to negative feedback.years ago, and i believe still today, they use the term “constructive criticism”. i don’t care how you word it, it is still a means to tell you something you are doing wrong or that the other person doesn’t like. as i practice my unconditional lifestyle, there are still some times when i have a hard time dealing with people who constantly lash out about things they don’t like about me and call it what you want, i am who i am.

i am always working hard for others and it seems to take the best out of me. years ago i said i would never do that again, only because it does not bring you back gratification. all it does is sink you deeper into a hole of doubt. i heard the words of a man the other day, who once told me “you better grow some balls and get a thicker skin” – what does he know. you can have all the thick skin you want but in the end, when someone is dishing out negative things about what you are doing how you perform a job, it is still hurtful.

i remember leading a team of people and i always took a step back before dealing with a situation that was delicate. i thought things through and how i was going to approach this person or persons in order to convey a message that would certainly would put a bad taste in their mouths. i learned a lot over the years from a great many people in authority and i still believe to this day, there is a good way to speak to someone when feeding them negative feedback.

i suppose by now you can read right through this post as i got shit on again the other day and i have to honestly say, it isn’t worth the time and money i put into my job to put up with crap from anyone. i truly believe these people might be a little intimidated by my experience and therefore lack some professionalism. however, being i still need a pay cheque, i have to keep plugging at it.

what really bothered me was when someone says they are there for you and are constantly pawning off the hard stuff, makes me feel as though their words are meaningless. so, today is a new day and maybe i should take a different approach to this situation i am in.

i hope you are all having a good week and that you find ways to keep the words true to who you are and what you believe in. remember, if someone doesn’t agree with what you are saying, it is because they can’t break free from the conditioning.

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