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do we really understand anxiety and where it comes from

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I have been doing some thinking about mental health and people who have anxiety. The question is how is this related in our lifestyle and what are the main triggers. We all have issues, granted but the fact remains, most people don’t even understand how this happens or what the reasons are for the sudden outbursts. It is frightening to think that years and years ago, these issues where not even pronounced or heard of, yet with our world changing everyday, it is more and more noticeable.

I have had a lot of experience with this type of mental health and the key thing is know when it happens, what is the trigger and cause behind this mixture of emotions. Most people fear the unknown and don’t want to face the truth behind certain unexplained outbursts. What I can say for certain is that if not dealt with, you will only bring more harm to yourself and at times the people around you.

I believe the first thing is to recognize the issue, ask your why all of sudden this is happening and then make the effort to take one step into making things right.

Our mental health cannot suffer even if we are trapped without the realm of this world.

I truly say this: Fuck the world! Let’s begin to see ourselves as powerful, important and meaningful.

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