do we deal with our past or present emotions

people are so consumed with being something they are not, they forget about the present life. they fill themselves with schedules, timesheets, routines, so busy doing what they do, they forget to check in.

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why do we do this to ourselves?

in times of need or chaos, we blanket all these emotions of hurt, unsettling feelings because for the most part, most of us do not know how to cope. we wrap ourselves in work, activities, sports or workouts in hopes that all of that emotion will disappear.

confronting fear and pain isn’t easy and i can tell you from experience, it really makes you feel inadequate, less important because you so far from happiness, that no matter what you try to do to fix it, nothing gets resolved.

head on

another one is when you, the strong ones, deal with pain head on. you believe that confrontation is the best medicine. the problem with this is that when people cause you pain and hurt, it isn’t far away. there is always that one moment that will bring you back to reality. a reminder, a song, a word that awakens your moment of destruction.

letting it go

don’t believe this title. it doesn’t work and if you are anything like me, you know i am right. you can’t let go of things that have destroyed the better part of you or people who have given you pain. it is a human condition that the walls go up and you do not want to see this situation evolve over and over again.

what does all this mean

it means we are alive, we breathe, we feel, we embrace whatever comes to face us and we voice it out. i can’t stress enough how important it is to tell it like it is even in a professional venue. people need to know how or what is going on with you because how else can they deal with the present.

if you hide behind the walls or like me the computer, no one will ever know the truth. they will forever be questions or make assumptions of what is really going on.

as always, be unconditional, face the present moments,

the Writer


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