Did you Just Wake Up One Day and Decide That You Needed This

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What dreams are made of and how some of us never fulfill them.

growing up, we decide whether or not we want to be a certain way but how much of it is dictated to us? children are born, parents adapt and then try to mould them into what they believe to be meaningful. Does the question remain how much of it is actually determined as an adult?

do you get the feeling inside that you want to be a certain someone or does it come naturally? most cultures are born to lead, and stick to a schedule of education in order to be a ‘somebody’ but do they really fulfill what is necessary for their own personal growth? kids see things, people, and places and find themselves dreaming of what they will become and how they can achieve it.

I ask you then why is it so hard for many to achieve this?

far too many never really accomplish what they set out to do and feel less important as an adult when the failure outweighs the ambition. one day, you wake up and think: “what have I done with my life that brings value to anything”? I think about this way too much because I feel in my lifetime, I have never really done anything of value or set my mind to a career worth speaking of. Oh, I guess you could say for many years my being a professional bus operator was something but did it really bring value? when I think about it today, being I am out of that business, I was just another number in society.

I always wanted to believe that I was important but never felt so. still today I am questioning all that I have done and why or better yet, the reason I couldn’t just be great at one thing and make it stick.

There are so many careers, bankers, cashiers, creators and the list goes on and we can say that without certain people, life would not function as it should. if you didn’t have a roofer, you would not be able to live in a home. if you didn’t have construction workers, you wouldn’t have roads or sewers but what I am really saying is are these individuals really playing the part in society?

the circle of life is complicated and we will never break the wheel because we know, somewhere, someone is trying to put a bandage on it. in the end, I believe that we were all put on this earth for something and we just have to find a way to adapt to whatever is put forth to us.


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