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A fine line is described as being a point between what we want and what we need. In my definition, they are one and the same because knowing we can get what we want means, it is exactly what we need. Religious people will tell you, “God will only give you what you need” but how can some high power define what is best for our own self-growth? If you truly believe that, I respect it but I don’t agree.

We work hard in life to get the things that mean the most to us. Some are overachievers who never understand the concept of taking life at the moment and appreciating what they have. I question my abilities all the time because I feel as though, when I am open about my feelings, people judge what I am saying and never understand the meaning behind it. Last night, proof was clear that my boyfriend didn’t understand what I was saying to him about my feelings of not being happy. I guess it took it personally. Good on him!

The fact is another person can’t make you happy and I learned that lesson many years ago. But how does one get happier if we can’t attain the things we want and need? The question is if I was in that place I desire so much, would I be a better person, would I be fulfilling what is missing inside that makes me happy again? I can answer that question with certainty:


I know myself well enough that if life gave me all the things I truly need and desire, I would not take it for granted and I would embrace it with love. That piece of me which died a few years ago would find its way back and I could without a doubt be more at peace and content. I could also be more productive by having the ability to do so and creating a passive hobby #products that people need and feel great about.

My work is still leaving me lifeless, it does not give me the edge I need as a person to grow. It isn’t going up but staying at a standstill. I dislike my supervisor, she is a thorn in my side but I respect her authority with a fine line. Yes, there it is, the fine line. The problem is I hate fake people and she is fake. I caught her in a lie again, something I have done before and I feel as though she is trying to impress our high boss to get what she wants without even considering the others around her. I feel as though she is envious of me, probably because of my experience and I can tell you right now, she will fall. It shows in the way to presents herself and I hope that the bigger boss can see right through her or changes will have to be made where I am concerned. I gave that ultimatum once and I can do it again. I value my work and efforts for this company too much to let it go because I do enjoy the work itself.

We are soon entering the fall phase of 2023 and that means, “Indian summer” is upon us but soon it also means I will be losing my backyard. I did not get much of a summer in paradise, floating in the pool and sipping on margaritas which has left me feeling a little disconnected from the sun. That’s OK, I keep thinking of a few months from now when I soon will be basking in the hot ocean view.

I hope you all have a great rest of the week and enjoy life for what it is. A little news on the #shop, I plan on trying my hand at creating, I mean physically creating my own notebooks from home. I figure I need a little hobby and why not cut the middle man of #printondemand. It will be fun.

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