Critical Expressions really hurt the value of a person’s nature

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Communication. Why or how often do you speak up? I remember a time when keeping silent was a better course of action for me only because people find me bold. Yesterday, I was disturbed by someone who criticized something I was doing and I could feel the tension building so much in the back of my neck, I was a force to be reckoned with and for the life of me, I tried so hard to be polite in my choice of words but I did not get my point across.

It was not helping my own personal growth or frustration, not being able to tell this person what I was really feeling and that is never a good solution.

I then was able to vent with someone else, one-on-one and for some reason, all that negativity disappeared but it did leave a bad taste in my mouth. Some people make it their business to find the bad in a person rather than see the true nature and strength that an individual can bring to any job. Let’s face it, honestly, I do not like this person’s way of doing things nor have I ever liked her “aura”. However, I don’t really know her but I am a pretty good judge of people and I know we could never be good friends.

There is a time and place to say certain things and realize that I know in my mind, I am a better person for it. Take my relationship, for example, we all know that I am not the happiest person and I fake my life in order to keep the peace for many reasons but is it really healthy? I think not.

So why do I continue down this path? It is because commitment is an important thing to me and rather than face the tragedy of starting over and over again, I stay within my bubble and take the less travelled road.

As I continue to create and boost my little shop, I still believe my path is here for a reason.

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