Crippled bastards and broken things

(this may contain offensive and disturbing words)

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one has never considered how broken one can be when things go to shit. i think in this world, so many of us are to small to even be noticed but the worse is when a small community is only affected by what gossip matters.

i honestly think most people are so busy with their lives they forget to even look at the point. they rant and rave about things that aren’t even important or effective to their lifestyle. i hate to say it but people worry more about the news and world issues then what is really going on in the present moment.

i had an argument with my spouse the other night and i could see for the first time what i was saying really bothered him. i speak of him often and funny how i say we accept each other unconditionally but the odd time i see in the corner of my eye he doesn’t like what i say outloud.

well guess what? too bad. this next little opinion will probably piss off a few people but like i have said before, it is my opinion and feeling.

this whole issue with the children found buried under the old school. i understand the meaning behind it but why are we, the whole world so sorrowed by this when it has nothing to do with our own lifestyle. it has to do with the indeginous people and them alone. now the government is even stepping in and it boggles me how we are always helping others instead of our local businesses re-open or rebuild. how selfish is that.

another issue this week is the sporting events, which i must say was quite stupid to allow people to attend when in fact we are still on lock down, yet these sports fan were given special privilege. catch 22 i guess but really does not make sense.

i think it is solely in good intentions as long as you have money or if it supports your needs, hey Doug Ford. what about the rest of us who need local businesses for our mental health? what about living and let live? i guess, we have been forgotten by the medium of health advisers who really know nothing at all but are merely grasping at ideas of what will keep the peace. I guess sporting events are more important than being able to buy clothing and shoes or even diapers.

ask yourself why there is so much violence in the world, people are getting pissed off and if not careful things will get worse instead of better.

so there you have it, my opinions of this country have really diminished and i can’t say for sure that it will get better but i am very doubtful we will see any changes until 2022 or later.


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