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I thought 2023 might start on a better note but as my life would have it, nothing is different. I have no direction and have tried to decide what works and what doesn’t. I see the same pattern over and over again, trying to please others when in fact I should be pleasing myself. What is it about this medium of expression that drives us in the opposite direction?

Fame, fortune, the idea that someday we will be better. The value of our lives depends on several factors, most of which we cannot control and I believe that is where we tend to change the course of our direction. We see an idea, a flash of something and think:

“Ya, that’s for me.” In fact, it isn’t. It is something that someone else put out into the social media vision thinking you will be attracted to it but it does not characterize who you are but only deceives you into thinking it.

I have always said in the beginning that my way of seeing life, people, and expression has a very different perspective. I don’t stay on one idea for long because it lacks a personal vision. That’s just it, the question:

“What is my personal vision?”

You know damn well it is coming. I will change again to please myself and when I do, people will not understand, they will question everything and frankly, I really don’t care anymore because I will do what is best for my sanity.

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