coping with mixed emotions and our mental state

how is everyone doing? not as good as we should i assume but i can assure you, it will get better. our lives may be in chaos, difficult situation that we seem to not be able to get out of but for some odd reason, my outlook on the whole situation has made me feel grateful in many ways.

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we are consumed with being “out of wack” and yet have forgotten our true purpose. people are focused on one thing, this damn pandemic when they should be focused on what is important for their well-being. if anything, we should be doing more to make ourselves feel important, relaxed and more comfortable. our minds can only take so much and we must release all that negativity in these difficult times.

let’s start from the beginning

Three Step Process – Our Well Being

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  • clear the mind – you can only do good by focusing on one thing at a time
  • make time – find 1 hour a day to just be you, do what makes you feel good inside and out
  • let it go – things we have no control over, must be eliminated from our daily lives

we cannot let the world dictate what is good for us. we cannot find purpose or meaning if we are constantly thinking about the pandemic and its restrictions because it only alienates our minds and clogs the clarity.

personal note: i have been so focused on getting a better lifestyle that i have forgotten myself what matters. writing. sending out those messages to people who do read, could make all the difference in the world. my focus this week for my mental health is writing. i will make the time needed once a day to share my thoughts on what we can do to better our well being.

there may be also a good story or two but i can assure you i am making my way back to a better me.


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