Constant Change in Order to Find the Correct Path

there is absolutely nothing wrong with change or variety in order to find the right fit for your lifestyle and well-being.

some people hate change, some people get all bent out of shape if their routine is slightly curved. me, I love it. I am all about changing the course of action, making things more interesting than the day before and as I struggle lately with my own life, I can honestly say, this has been my goal for 2021.

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now, soon heading into 2022, I see I have not accomplished what I need and want and must at all cost find what fits.

How To Accomplish This Great Task

I find myself at a road block and I do not like them because they bring up so many negative feelings, it is hard to see clearly. It is no secret that I am not where I want to be in any aspects of my life, I realize more and more as my body is telling me every day. I have been really sick these past few days and as well as I fake the reason behind it, the truth is it is mentally. I am so mentally drained from not being happy that my body is shutting down. I have been sleeping a lot only because my bed seems to be my sanctuary, the oasis where I don’t have to face anything or anyone but if only in my dreams.

The New Job

It has now been 2 weeks I have been in training for a job that I have tried before and failed because this company has no idea what it takes to teach good customer service. There program although great, and simple but it is the method of teaching that drives me nuts. It is so off point to what will actually happen when people call in to customer service that it physically makes me sick. I had a thought, maybe I should create a way to show companies how to actually teach a new job. ( ya right ) like anyone would listen. So the point is how do you teach or prepare someone for a new job? Don’t beat around the bush, get to the point, teach them what is important, the tools they will use and make them use it in practice. Don’t throw them to the wolves in hopes that they will do better. Companies lose so many good people because they lose hope in getting better not feeling ready to take on a big challenge like customer service calls.

The brand that makes a good impression

Another thing I have been challenging is branding this website. I love the new look, clean, crisp, no fluff and of course, style. I had been working on something for a while and could never really pin it down. Hope you like it!

In the next week

So, the holiday scene went out the door only because I wanted to prepare for the next coming adventure. Sorry about that folks! Money is very slim and I am very disappointed that this holiday season will be a be disappointment. Things sure aren’t as they used to be but I only have myself to blame for it.

As always, be unconditional,

the Writer

PS – He has no clue either that I am so miserable, He doesn’t even stop to question what is happening with me. How frustrating is that?


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