Constant Battles with Lifestyle Changes

What do we know about anything? That is the question of the day. I am a creature of change, does it mean I am unstable? Not at all. it only means I keep at it until I am convinced something will work.

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Life is all about change. Advancements, determination to make things right and lead us into a better future but if we look, really look is life any better than it used to be in the 1800’s?

We still have your stuck ups, back stabbers, insulting individuals who think they are better than us and mostly, in my experience, the one’s who say they care and really they don’t.

Those are my experiences.

I have no trust in people and mostly because the hurt I have felt is really more than you can imagine. So, the defenses came back up and I don’t give 100%, I don’t have any close friends and I certainly don’t believe in family other than my children and spouse.

What I do have is my own ability to survive and mental and physical capability to do what I must in order to live.


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