Compromise: How Often is too Often

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How Nagging has become my favourite pass time?

This week, I have a challenge. As of Sunday, I am seeing how I can endure the Art of NOT nagging. The thing is when I want something, I either get it for myself or someone is literally provoking me to nag because I lack.

It isn’t something that I was aware of but I am noticing. I guess when you age you tend to need more. It should be the other way around but in my case, if you have read any of my blog posts, I lack a lot of things that I truly deserve. No Vanity here!

I hold nothing back when it comes to what I want when I want and most people who know me, will work damn hard to get it. Life is a process and even though we have been restricted on many levels, does not warrant the restriction on our own beliefs, needs and wants.


I think this compromise is totally off the rocks! I can’t not NAG ( can we even say that) doesn’t sound right but it is in my nature and I am trying. It’s a game really between my boyfriend and me. He has given himself the privilege of making it so and I will play along using my psychological tactics along the way in order to get what I want regardless.

Ok. So that being said, I wonder how many other couples challenge themselves on a regular basis. It would be an interesting survey.

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