communism: the right to choose or not

it has become apparent, canadians and americans no longer have the freedom to choose what is best for them. it is no surprise people suffer more and more with mental illness and stress due to the chaos and unforgiving government regulations that are being imposed in 2020.

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what happened to human rights?

we are in a very different world, i can say that but the fact remains, there are certain rules, situations, ideas that still need attention and need to met. the government cannot impose laws without considering the freedom of choice. this epidemic has created a very bad taste in our mouths and has clearly been taken out of context.

it is my opinion and the opinion of many, whom i am sure will not speak out, we now faced with more challenges which humans cannot embrace. i live in a small town in ontario and as we have just learned the headlines of wearing masks, it is very sad. i feel strongly opposed to this development and i am sure most people will stop shopping in public due to this new rule.

this will hurt the economy even more than when people were forced to shut their businesses due to covid-19.

as a human, not only do we have the right to choose but should be given the choice. if businesses impose mask-wearing in public, then people will either protest or stop shopping in public, no longer use public transportation and feel comfortable being outdoors.

this is what is has come too.


bottom line: if you are sick or feel sick, #stayhome. if you fear getting this #covid-19, #stayhome. do not stop others from doing what they need and want because the government says so.


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