communication is key to a successful interaction

i keep asking myself why people are so angry and the discovery is more complex than we can imagine. i think in business, relationships, or whatever adventure you are on, it takes much patience to understand the meaning behind people’s reactions.

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i believe it has alot to do with handing over situations when you, yourself could handle it.

today we see stressful situations, chaos by the masses and events that create unnecessary confusion. when to many people are trying to successfully accomplish a goal, it is better to take a step back and rethink motive.

we are conditioned to do a job well done but in light of the current 2020, things have become more difficult and people for the most part are adapting but i still feel the tension building more and more.

on a personal level, i truly think people over react to things and just don’t know how to a step back. let’s think for a moment and evaluate:

you have a plan, you want certain things and the trouble is how are you going to achieve this without understanding the details. there are many factors to consider and i think it is always best to write it all down, then create a pattern of what may work and what might not work.

what one thing is good for one person may not always be the best for another.

even in business plans, we create ideas by seeing what will be best for growth. what troubles me about business plans is the key ingredient.

the people.

it is never easy to consider all possibilities but if you can take small pieces at a time, understand the policies and why are in place, you might be able to take initiative.

all i am saying is that no matter if you are a big corporation, small business, relationships are difficult if you don’t take a moment to feel what the others are experiencing. making this world work takes much effort on all our parts and if we continue to fight each other on all levels of conditioning, we will fail.

on a personal note: i am feeling rather numb these days with life, probably because work has got me focused and exhausted in the same sentence. working in customer service is hard on the brain and i pretty much just want to relax when i am off. still new at this type of position i am in, i struggle with no being able to do what i want and help the customers.

i remember all to well how that feels as years ago the control over wanting and needing more overwhelmed me. my restrictions upset my inner core and i keep wondering why we just can’t let it go.


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