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Communication How it has Evolve by Social Medium

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how it affects our lifestyle and what does it mean to you …

I am a big believer that in the 20th century, we do not realize how social media has really changed our lives. now you can communicate in a matter of seconds to another individual and it has become the principle. I also believe it can be a distraction from reality, it can be a way to avoid speaking to someone face to face and most certainly a way to hide identity.

as I continue to explore this creation of the holiday season, I am reminded that social media is not only a place to connect with the world but we forget the meaning of connection. remember a time when it took forever to get to a person through a switchboard? dialing into a party line? oh but we have evolved.

What I am also reminded is that technology might be nice it was also be a very dangerous thing. The laws are flawed when it comes to using your gadgets, especially when driving. They say hands free devices but if you consider that so many people talk and drive, it seems ridiculous. Why are we so rushed into communication, when all we have to do is enjoy the ride?

Another form of communication is between 2 people. Relationships are difficult enough without having to listen to judgemental opinions about a certain subject. When we have differences, it is hard to communicate because there is always one person who feels like they are getting the message across. An understanding of ones’ feelings can cause a negative impact on communication and leave another feeling very upset.

I am saying this because I am feeling more and more less heard these days by my spouse and I just want to break free. feeling very tighted to this relationship has created a negative emotion of “it no longer serves me purpose”. I know, it is sad to think that I am stuck in this but I am committed, sorta speak.

we have evolved, like technology and it isn’t for the better. we are like old furniture waiting to be replaced and no one should feel like this. I keep wondering if he truly knows how unhappy I am and one day, I might just explode.

On another note: I am going to get vaccinated today and I have been saying sarcastic remarks like if I die after this to my parents and him. We got into a bit of an argument about it last night because he kept using the word “choice”. ya right! it’s not a choice it is a dictation because more and more of society is making it an obligation. I have said it before, we are no longer free.

Therefore, if something does happen, after this, well it was a blast sharing all my experiences. I can say with certainty, I won’t feel a thing if this whole thing goes to shit.

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