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it has come to my attention that people have a voice and we should all have the right to speak out. when something really matters, it is personal to us and we bound by laws and freedom of speech. social media has given us the opportunity to speak the voice that we now feel as though has only created a fire. i can honestly say, i will continue to speak my mind whenever i feel it is necessary to open that channel of communication.

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i am subscribed to many channels and when it comes to comments, i do not poke negative back to a recent negative remark because i am unconditional and people have their own opinions. it is their right and with the world the way it is at the moment, i feel it is more important than ever to speak out.

we must all share our stories: how else are we going to make the world understand that humans are going to take a stand when all lives matter.

Subjects that are fueling me


i am not a believer in statistics, i believe in facts but with the way social media is spreading all these different stories online, i can’t bring myself to believe any of it. a lady commented on a medium i am a part and this is the story:

She obviously has her reasons for targeting me in all the comments that were made pertaining to this page. read the whole story.

I am not going even justify her feelings or answer that comment because it will certainly get fueled and will probably be deleted. this kind of conversation could go on for days if i continued. my personal opinion at this moment is that this Covid19 situation has gone far enough and we need to live and let live. the statistics are their only because the government has to post them but i keep wondering how accurate they are. something isn’t right and for 2 years now people have jerked around and quite frankly long enough.


I have been working from home for over 2 years and i can say i have had many experiences with different types of companies. having a voice can certainly render a fire under any bosses seat but i stand my ground. we are numbers, let’s face it, we are their to serve a purpose and the front line is the hardest job anyone will ever have. do you think for one minute that any management team, sitting behind their desks understand the value a person can bring to the table? No. all they see are stats and if you don’t meet the requirements or submit to their policies, then you can find another job. we all know that respect is needed, and i totally agree, however we should still be inclined to share suggestions.

a lady was saying on “tiktok” we have a choice. right, choice ( another word that is being used lightly these days ) you choose to not do something in order to make a stand. doesn’t seem fair. some companies don’t even recognize the people that can bring value to a company and they get shuffled into the mix without even a mention. it’s the unexperienced people that seem to get the recognition because they are either un – educated or fear speaking out.

that isn’t me. people flock to me because i am not afraid to speak out but i sat here yesterday thinking: “why am i helping these people when i know in the end, i will not be recognized for my efforts”

last point i want to make today.

Mental Health

i want a comfortable life, i was used to making a good salary and i really miss it. the problem came where the job took over my lifestyle and the respect had gone from others. i could not and will not tolerate verbal abuse or any kind of banter against anyone no matter who they are or what their title is. i stand my ground to be a better individual. however, in this moment in time, i also feel that value is important and when i am not bring value to something i am doing or working for, i feel less of a person. i need to be busy but not overwhelmed.

i want to know that my experience is important and is helping convey a message. i want to know that for 8 hours a day, i am servicing people and helping them achieve a goal without getting the negative “this isn’t how it is done” behind it. people need to open themselves to better opportunities, things that will work smarter, not harder.

tomorrow, i will have another live podcast on: WOW i hope you take a moment to tune in.


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