Close a Few Boxes and Take a Deep Breath

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What if you stood still for a moment.

When I find life chaotic, I take a breath. I look at what isn’t working and clean it or evaluate whether it is functioning for me in my lifestyle.

This has to matter at all times because how will I function?

There are circumstances that we cannot avoid or stir from but there are however some things that can be changed. Yesterday, I spoke about doing things you do not like and how unpleasant that feeling is for your well-being. Why issues or events do not sit right is a perception. We must take these things seriously if we are to grow as individuals.

I always thrive to better myself, find new ways to express and certainly feel better mentally. I have suffered many losses and tragedies, as I am sure most have but I can honestly say, being selfish here, I feel overwhelmed by the idea that I need really good things to be happier.

It is hard to find happiness, especially when struggling. Call it what you want but I believe bad luck has followed me for most of my life and I can’t explain it. I am a good person, well at least I think most of the time, I try to be nice to people but the honest truth is other factors may hinder that feeling of good only because I am very opinionated.

I guess it is because I feel as though some people have what I want and I can’t get it.

As always, be unconditional

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