Chasing a Goal: How Does it look?

you know how people like to dictate how you should act or represent yourself in any given situation? i have spent my life being told what or how to act and i have just about had enough. there are certain times in a professional environment that we must act accordingly but the question remains:

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we are always being told to be true to ourselves for our personal growth yet on the other hand people set rules and restrictions to stop us from doing that exact thing. how crazy is this way of living. speaking in a certain tone, watching every word you say can be very exhausting, that’s why i love that i can come here and tell it like it is. my words are important and whether or not i get that validation, i know somewhere, somehow, someone will read it.

So let’s get back to Goals

i used to think having some sort of ambition or goal was the most important thing in life but as it turns out, my efforts are always crushed. in the end, i live my life day by day because i know the happiness has left the building and dreams are fantasy. what we need to keep in mind is some people are born lucky and others really have to struggle to just make it. that’s me, however, i am sure there are many who feel this way but let’s focus on me for a minute.

i have the hardest time with new jobs, new people, and new anything because i have am so knowledgeable and set in my way. i feel things should work simple and in a certain way that no matter how i try and adapt, things make me feel very uncomfortable.

so what to do.

absofuckinglutely nothing!

remember, the pain is always greater than the good and we are not in control of anything. we must embrace to the lifestyle that is thrown at us and live with it.

remember to always be unconditional,

the Writer


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