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change is good up to a certain point

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they say change is good and that things happen for a reason in order to learn lessons. well i’d like to know what lesson i am learning because i realized last night that this is the first job where i have had to work christmas day and even boxing day for 12 hours. what kind of company doesn’t recognize a national holiday to make people work?

can you tell i am disgusted

i mean i love money but this is really putting a ‘kabosh’ on life isn’t it. it is bad enough that our life is upside down but to think that working on a holiday, especially not being an essential worker but that people would actually call in on christmas day to find out where their package is. i don’t answer phones anymore but i still do the emails and i have to say, when i got replies yesterday, i was mortified.

nonetheless. let’s talk about change and how it affects us.

altering our lifestyle is somewhat difficult for many people and most of us can adapt but with great difficulty. we get comfortable in our every day lives then poof! it gets changed. i just kept saying yesterday, let’s get back to normal already and let live but no, it has gotten worse.

dreams of vacations, far away places have taken a back seat, ambitions for new developments, kids back to school, not happening and most of all the taking off the masks! that would be a dream now wouldn’t it.

i am trying so hard to stay positive but i find myself turning that negative vibe on again only because my spirit has left building for different reasons. small groups for meals, visits lessen and we have to take a back seat with all the things we desire. me, it’s my tanning. yes i tan because it makes me feel good and now that they have closed again for 28 days, i feel really bad about it.

so how do we find ways to make our lives tolerable without going completely ‘bonkers’? when i figure it out, i’ll let you know.

on another note: as the christmas colors disappear, i am changing the website again; been scheming some ideas these past few days and thinking simple is good. as i wait for wordpress and some creative genius to come up with a layout that i truly love to pick at, i will figure out my own.

stay safe and remember to find your moment.

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