Canadians and Americans: Wake The Fuck Up

i feel as though i have been on a mission of greatness this week with creating. i hope you like the new look, i am certainly full of gratitude for the talents i do have and hope it becomes apparent how important this is to me.

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the world is still a mad place to live in at the moment; frustrations are high, anxiety is through the roof and people are just becoming so ungrateful and impolite.


we know why because this pandemic has caused so much chaos and people do not know when it will all end. even though we are told to keep are spirits up, distancing is not our ‘forte’. we need humans to survive, interaction is so important and even though technology has given us the ability to connect, it isn’t enough.

i laugh every time i go to a store as well. the hypocrites of social distancing have proven to be ridiculous. think about it, you are standing line with the lines painted on the floor and yet people are crossing each other from left to right. there is no social distancing it is just a means to control the world.

i started a hashtag yesterday #fuckcovid because it is true and as the governments, Canadian and USA, have taken over our way of life when clearly things are better now, we forget it is a means to an end.

yes they have been helpful in our time of need but it was just a plow to keep us happy for a few moments when the big cheques came in to our bank accounts. ( i never seen any of that money )

yesterday was a good example of how social distancing isn’t working.

it is the end of April and people get their pension cheques, welfare cheques and it is madness at all stores and banks.

there you have it.

is it really working? i think not.

we need to get back to normality. we are feeling better and the world is still being control by a government which makes them unique in their own perspective.

as May appear this morning, i am looking forward to warmer weather and gardening. that’s all one can do as i am still unemployed and have no hope in hell for a job.

thanks to the leaders of the world, smartness has become obsolete.


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