can we trust the leaders of the world or are we doomed

emotions are high and we can feel it everywhere but does this mean we need to force issues we have no control over? i see many sad faces, and the other day i was driving around thinking how quiet our town is with the streets bare and small businesses closed. i guess it is relevant and unavoidable since we are in the middle of chaos.

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what comes to mind though is the fact that no one is standing up for their rights. the right to choose, the right to breathe and especially the right to decide. we all follow a guideline from our government which no know nothing is for sure, we take the words of professions whom we assume they know what they are doing, when clearly they don’t.

their words are contradicted all the time and who suffers for it? us.

how to do we protect ourselves when the leaders of the world haven’t go the slightest idea what is right and what is wrong. i am not a medical doctor or a scientist but the fact remains, why not let nature takes its course. why are we so afraid of something similar to past health conditions, when it fact we have no proof of this only the numbers from leaders who can’t decide what is best for the population.

can you feel my frustration?

i have been going through a big, big transition myself and the body feels it. there were a few moments last week when i had doubts about what was going on and i can honestly say i didn’t like this feeling. i finally rekindle with a job i love, had a few giggles with some old friends but there still was a little doubt but i do understand why. you see, i am an expert on my own unconditional well being and i know for a fact when i stop and pause for a moment, i re-evaluate why those negative feelings show up.

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it isn’t anything serious just the change i must adapt too. i had a self isolated routine and now it has been all changed, therefore my body and mind are just re-organizing. see that’s where i believe who can’t deal with change have an issue. they need to really be Intune with their own self in order to grasp the concept of unconditional life.

i can giggle thinking that this new but old environment has made many changes but still their are many similar things to remind me of a time when my life was a bit much to handle. now the difference is i can leave it. the other thing i noticed is how some people haven’t changed at all and the drama still exists. funny.

as we begin our week and January is coming soon to an end, i am looking forward to making up some great content for the up coming month of love. take care and be safe!


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