born to be alive

2021 did you ever think we would turn the clock? if you think about it, the numbers may turned but it is only the next day of the same shit we were in in 2020, right? people are hopeful that we will turn this around and things will get better. how can we not.

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many people suffer in silence because they feel they have nothing to offer others or to society. i read all day long people complaining about the smallest thing, about something that either hasn’t happened or is suppose to happen and has not. why are people so hurried when in fact they should just enjoy the moment they are in.

they are missing life.

i believe us normal people are the lucky ones because we can offer so much to ourselves rather than piss it away at hopes of a better something that hasn’t happened. we can take one creative idea and make it better in order to survive the masses of the chaos. i have always been in a hurry to make my creativity better but as the week went on, i noticed time is a valuable essence of our existence and we must not take advantage of that.

i have both sides of that coin and my little negativity sets in when i see people rushing or multi-tasking when they should be just still. stop for a moment, look around, ask yourself:

what value do i have in my life right at this moment?

people are missing the point. they are wrapped up in this stupid pandemic, wondering what comes next, when will we be free to do what the hell we want when we want and yet, they do not realize you have the choice. the government has no right to dictate our lives and yet we are bound by laws that make no sense. the contradictions, the political people doing the opposite of what they preach and most of all the forcing us to do things that really does not help the situation.

my personal opinion: we must stand up and be human. we must take charge of our society, live and let live. the power lies in our hands not in the hands of those who do not follow the rules.

2021 what will you do to make it better


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