work at home jobs: employees beware

i waited a few days before posting this bullshit only because i have been busy setting other things up and realized, why? isn’t sad how we

i’ll take one in every color

why are bloggers, writers so ‘gun hoe’ on writing a memoir when writing a post? what happened to just writing and making the point? i certainly



don’t be fooled by people’s intentions

i often worry that although people have good intentions, they may have a motive for their behavior. we do not and will not tolerate bullying and

what a fool believes

companies nowadays, make you believe that you are valued as an employee but i see the truth and i can tell you some companies only see

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mental health.


where are your demons

consider the possibility that we are living in a world that no longer understands what our needs are or what we demand. this life has taught

when you set your mind and stick

let’s join the world of crazy. we have experienced so many emotions lately, i can’t even begin to explain. as we struggle through these times, so

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Today I discuss how to take the time to reflect, a peaceful moment and why it is so important for our mental health. I also talk about new jobs, working from home and this impacts us as individuals. Thank you and please connect, follow and share.

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