Blame the Brain: A Feeling of the Unknown

Monday, the first business day of the week when all the people of the world go to work, bloggers plan their weekly posts and the rest of the people await the next big tragedy. Funny how most of us really do not live in the moment, our schedules all pre-planned like a bad day of repetition.

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I have been seriously out of sorts this past week as my kitty is a bit sick. Not used the act of being a pet owner, I thought maybe it was time to change her food. Google is a great tool for advice but one should never really pay much attention unless it gossip you are looking for. So, I have introduced my kitty with new food, she seemed to like it and we shall see how the rest of that goes.

The reason I am saying all this is because other than starting a new job, this feeling of worry was like reliving those days when my children were young and not knowing what to do when they were ill or something wasn’t right. It is such a foreign concept to me that my stress level shot through the roof. I have become so attached to my little creature that I fear losing her to some stupid illness or disease. Sad to say as well that this worry is probably an over reaction but it is a fact.

Which brings me to feelings of the unknown.

What is it about our bodies that tell us when something isn’t quite right? How does that all work? The brain is a big function in all this and I can say without a doubt that is you are feeling out of sorts, blame the brain. If we could only realize that our worry is based on fears and past events maybe we could compartmentalize this bullshit and throw away the un-necessary. When faced with a reality you weren’t aware of it is important to remember, this moment will only last as long as you let it.

On the Agenda this Week.

My thoughts are still very heavy on a career. I keep saying out loud how I wish someone would value my skills, pay me what I deserve and let me create what I need. It isn’t hard to understand those criteria’s and yet nothing has come about. When I really love something, I do put my whole heart into it and become really devoted. I guess it isn’t my time but I sure do hope it comes soon. Good talent is hard to find and with that being said, mine are being wasted. Let’s see what the day brings and maybe today is my day.

all the best,

the Writer

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