black lives matter but so do the people no matter what race you are

“this content may offend people but it is merely an opinion of my own soul and truth. please read before you judge because i do not judge anyone” – the Writer

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i have stayed silent far to long on this subject. as i listened to a #youtube moment from Oprah, one of my favorite celebrities in the world – and i am sure most would agree – this #blacklivesmatter has really gotten out of hand.

the world is focusing on this tragic event of George Floyd and we have forgotten about the rest of the life matter moments that is going on. people need to take a stand but not only for their purpose of gratification of #rascism – which without a doubt is still active participation – but for what is happening around the world.

we are in a crisis, we are suffering in more ways than just screaming about one man’s death.

people have loss more than their incomes but their own personal way of life and thanks to the governments, it does not look like we will recover from this any time soon. people have been blinded by the reality of life and i truly believe the nation has become so focused on this #blacklivesmatter they are lashing out for more than what is seen on television and social media.

there are deeper issues and we need to turn this around. i don’t care what color you are, what race you are, we are all in this together and it is high time the people of the world realize it is more about control than #rasicm.

there are people starving, without jobs, losing their inability to live and the world is focused only on one issue. what happened? why is it happening? wake up people.

we are told we cannot do this or that but rather be locked down and strangled in our own homes. we are being strictened by society and judged if we do not follow suit. dictatorship has resurfaced and we can no longer be a free world. i feel as though i am choking in my own vomit over the choas and there is no pulling out of this mess.

so what is it going to be people, are you going to continue to cry over one man or are you going to open your eyes to the real issues in this world? are you going to stand up for what really matters regardless of what race you are THE WORLD NEEDS FREEDOM TO BREATHE.

stand up for all #people not just one race or one man. let him rest already.


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