Better to Forgive & Forget: I Think Not

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We all have things in our closets we would rather leave there but the odd time you start thinking about your lifestyle changes, the more you realize, the inner child in you doesn’t want to put away those memories of destruction. There are people in my life I dislike to the core and I can’t keep pretending that this does not bother me. When they say you should forgive people for their mistakes or hurtful situations, I think this is ‘utter’ bullshit. People should not be allowed to discriminate, bash, use words of destruction or worse, intentionally hurt you for their own personal gain.

Now, with that being said, some will say that the person doing it may not realize they are creating this type of feeling. Trust me, these people are well aware of their own personal choices to hurt someone else. I also want to point out that I am not talking about someone having a bad day and screaming or lashing out at the person who steps forward.

No, No.

I am talking about people who are in your life and want something and in order to get it, they need to literally think of a plan to move you along or forget you altogether. I won’t forgive people who hurt me and I certainly don’t forget those who have destroyed parts of my sanity.

in the Moment

I am going through a cleansing phase, meaning, I want to remove all the negative aspects of my life.

Good luck with that!

I find myself thinking more and more about how to simplify my life only because I can’t set off into the sunset on a beach far away from this sickening place I live in. One must make the most of whatever situation I live in and until I can get exactly what I want and deserve, I have to satisfy a need.

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