believe what you want but know this

limiting beliefs is very hard because we are not free to speak out minds and hope that people will understand, usually they don’t therefore we are restricting ourselves and therefore we lose confidence in our ability to live the life we want. that’s my inner most honest thoughts

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this first and foremost comes from listening to a great gal, laurie-ann from contagioulsy positive. she is a great inspiration but sometimes hit the nerve.

i am quite the opposite of her beliefs as i feel i am a very realistic person who literally sees life for what it is. although laurie-ann makes great points and inspires many people to visualize a lifestyle you want, i sometimes get a little frustrated with her because i feel she lives on a cloud. ( unconditional ) right?

she a wonderful person and i do admire her and we have had many conversations which she fully respects my way of thinking and living.

i have noticed my behavior the last few days has been filled with frustration, anxiety, doubt – there’s a big word – and i wonder if the moon is playing tricks on me or am i just really over tired. there is so many factors to look at when those adjectives sink in, it is without a doubt a normal human behavior.

i have my shit totally together, keeping a routine, working really hard but the little person of doubt sets in and all hell breaks loose – not in a physical way.

i just start questioning every little detail about my day and run a muck!

i did however learn a little past lesson 2 days ago. i was intending on writing a letter because i was upset with something and a friend stop me. it was funny because i had heard the exact same words many years ago spoken to me. it was like an awakening of some sort which i still today have not written the letter. however, as most of you already know, i will not sit still until i am satisfied with my answers and dishing out should be allowed.

in other news …

as you can tell, i am set for the holidays. it was a long morning re-decorating but i fully satisfied with my results. ( hope you like it too )

still have not decided what to do about the house, time will tell but as i usually like to start decorating the 1st of December, i better get my butt in gear.

hope you all have a great Wednesday and more writing is needed. maybe that is just the ticket – more words – better outcome.


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