Believe There Are Others Who Suffer in Silence

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Believing in ones self is very hard, I saw a phrase this morning that reminded me of that and I can say, confidence is hard to attain.

You can check this out on Etsy:

it said: “are you tired of those overly optimistic journals filled with nothing but rainbows, butterflies and sparkles?”KatieLynnandCo

You can do whatever it takes to accomplish something great and for some reason, there is a this is little miss stab me in the back moment when you know and feel as though, life just isn’t fair.

There are so many of us who suffer in silence and it isn’t until you see something that reminds us we are not. A voice can be so powerful but if you have lost that ability to shout out, then what are you left with?

The hope that someday, somewhere, the page will turn and it will be your time.

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