Being Pushed Against A Wall

I pride myself in knowing my strengths and weaknesses, as well as knowing when to take a walk. Even if you don’t want to close a door, fearing there may never be another opportunity, it is in your best interest to really put the past behind you.

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The moment you realize something isn’t working, something isn’t quite right, your intuition tells you. Some people prefer to way the pros and cons of any situation only because they are used to living in denial.

This however also depends on the situation. I can tell you when facing hard decisions, it is important to do the left and the right in order to come to a proper answer but when your well-being is affected, it should be a simple decision.

“Let it Go”

We all know we all play a part in this world but many of us can’t even see what the may be; I know I have played many parts but I can’t seem to find the one true important moment. Lost in a shuffle of careers, transitioning from place to place and never coming to an absolute happiness. I am always questioning value, trust, understanding beyond what people really see and I can’t for the life of me feel good.

In the next few weeks, as I am still hunting for employment, I know whatever comes, I will have to put my 2nd personality switch on and I don’t like it. Pretending to be someone I am not is very hard for me. Acceptance has been my goal for years now but if I want to make money, I have to find that person in order to succeed.

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