Mental Health

begin by being vulnerable

the amount of people that are feeling anxious these days is in the large numbers and what concerns me is how many really speak out about their anxieties. i believe the process of acknowledging ones’ feelings and thoughts is one of the most important aspects of great mental health. being truthful and vulnerable is key to being a great human being. we must always share our feelings especially in times like these.

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at one time, i know, some people would fear speaking out for fear is what stops us from living the life we want. we hide behind negative thoughts, anxiety and this character flaw has left in the dark. coping mechanisms have become our second nature and yet there are still some who refuse to speak out for fear of judgement.

i suppose that’s why i hope to reach as many people as i can with my little blurb perhaps to satisfy my own bad conditioning but to prove that life has a way of showing us, the need for understanding is greater than silence.

i am so grateful for my experiences because it gives me the energy i need to succeed. the people i never thought cared, truly have shown me a light at the end of my tunnel. today, i embark on a new but old journey, a place where i know i am comfortable and find my circle.

i have many feelings this morning, anxious, excited, somewhat relieved but most of all i was thinking all day yesterday that maybe timing had much to do with this day. i am mentally and physically ready to take on this new adventure and am looking forward to seeing some much friendly faces and friendships.

the support that has spread over the past few days has certainly given me the enouragement and i know i am heading in the right direction.

for those who still feel vulnerability is a defect, STOP! be honest with who you are and how you feel and i can guarantee great things will come of it.


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