mental health

beautiful on the inside but ugly on the outside.

i realized the other day something was seriously bothering me. i took a few photos and saw the real me and i feel the reason for my inner difficulties. then it happened …

i saw the real me, what i had become, how i aged and the reality was i couldn’t stand looking at my face. i do realize no 2 people are the same, when people make babies, do they not consider maybe when they grow up, ugly will appear.

even as a young girl, i knew for the most part i was not attractive. probably why i strived on being smart. the hard part is that it makes me also realize why all the men i was interested in, never took a second look. they saw ugly and even though i had sex appeal and smarts, the outside is all that mattered.

i can begin to tell you how much this hurts me.

being pretty and sexy is very important to me and when i see these women who can accept themselves, all shapes and forms, well, maybe they should really look at a picture. sorry but this is my personal opinion.

there is nothing anyone can do to change the way a person feels. nothing.

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