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new is great isn’t it? i have been discovering how having a new responsibility in the home can be rewarding. i had forgotten how important nurturing can be with children and baby animals.

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i am really appreciating this time with our new addition but she is starting to really adapt to her environment and wants a lot of my time, which is fine. she is learning new things every day, discovering her boundaries and likes the things around the house.

today, i took outside to see the yard, i know she wanted to go down in the grass but until i am sure it is a safe place that will not be happening.

the other thing i noticed is how i feel full, meaning this is all new to me but also it does make me happy inside knowing i have to watch over her. showing her the ropes, making sure she is eating and other things, a great part of growing.

and that’s the trick right – time!

makes me realize how important i am to her already. it is also day 2 of my new job at home, something i am trying again but a whole new company. i am very happy so far, our training is also very entertaining and this seems a good fit. long time waiting for something like this again which is a relief.

my message today would be, we need to make time for the important things and how being in the moment is important otherwise why the hell are we breathing, right?

we have to embrace this time, we have to appreciate what we have and how precious this can be. the other thing is patience, something i know a lot of people have a hard with but without it, we lose sight of what is important.

i hope to write more as well on a daily basis because i have been lacking in new content.

thank you again for being here with me on this journey and find your moment.


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