awareness is so important.

this is what
we know to create
a better lifestyle and
understand the meaning
of ones’ self. how can we begin
without knowing what we need what
we desire or what is the best course of
action. it is simple. start from the small step
then build on that. if you break the pattern, you
will fall. never jump ahead until you are satisfied that
the journey will take you exactly where you need to be.

i truly believe when we learn, we grow and if you are new here then you don’t understand where i am coming from but if you have been reading my blog, you will certainly get the just of my journey. i am always re-inventing things, creating my peace and making it my mission to be a better person but also finding ways to satisfy my needs. desire is less important because disappointment always follows and i had enough of it to know that if you dream, you will certainly not succeed.

it is an illusion.

so why do so many still rant and rave about hope, dreams and constant maybe’s of what could be instead of living in this moment? conditioning. we were taught at a young age to build our lives on you can do whatever you want, when you want but in this day we know now, this is not true. we are controlled by social media, government politics and certainly rules that make no sense.

i realize there are people worse off than me in this big world but i also know there are people that believe what i say to be true. i wish i could reach more people and make them understand my journey only if it is to make them feel better about our world.

alas! that small dot.

long story short, it is o.k. i am who i am and am proud of what i am trying to accomplish. my daily life is very ordinary but at least i feel secure in my own environment. i am however very fed up with society and we are treated but maybe something big will happen to turn this shit around.

on the sad side.

we were hit with snow this morning and i can’t stress enough how devastating to me that was since i had my pool all set up. i had to immediately go and cover it all just in case which drastically stresses me out. although, the way life has presented itself to me, i am not surprised of this tragedy.

be safe, stay as sane as you can and remember to always be unconditional.

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