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I saw this most profound poster on Pinterest and it really got me thinking. What are we doing with our lives? Here we are posting messages, sharing on social media about personal ambitions, personal events, opinions and mostly whatever the fuck we want but do we really find this valuable?

I know online media is one of the best places to share something that is important to you, call it vanity or something else but does the whole world need to consume the most intimate part of your life? Not really but people find it interesting and I guess it makes for entertainment.

What is pissing me off lately are the #tiktok users. These happy #mediums that predict the same shit on different days or the ones who say “Like and share and in the next few hours, someone will give you money” – what a crock, right? I used to love #tiktok, it was entertaining, and fun, and people making fun of other people or things and now it is just become another chaotic social media button.

Why are we obsessed with these kinds of things? What makes us want to give that kind of growth more importance?

I am consumed with my own life lately, trying to still generate money because life has gotten so expensive I can’t even keep up. I noticed how it is making me very ill, I mean physically ill. I can’t live like this, I have to find a way to make extra money or someday, I will bust. For a lack of funds and better words, I sat last night explaining to this to my better half and he just doesn’t get it. We can’t eliminate our expenses any more than I have.

Another question crossed my mind, how boring my life has become? No good weather, no oasis to retreat to and lack of funds makes me very depressed and unworthy. How the hell am I going to fix this?

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