As We Turn The Time

People making resolutions, reminders of what was and how we can move forward.

I can’t stress enough the importance of making better decisions but with our world still in the middle of a pandemic, we thought would certainly disappear, we can’t even plan ahead because we do not know where this will take us.

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I suppose, that life has a way of showing us the value of time and how we should spend it. For some, it is not only a luxury but a necessity in order to survive the next hour, day or week. It is a constant fight against something we have learning over the last 2 years and we are no better for it.

The scientists and medical officials, not to mention all the government officials have no clue as to what is best for anyone but I can tell you that when you try to fight back any kind of negative entity, it finds ways to be even stronger. Therefore, in all aspects of everything, I truly believe and always have that we as humans, should give into this virus and stop fighting it.

It is like the parent that keeps telling a child “NO” a warning of something that isn’t good for them or a restriction because they believe it is in their best interests? Most parents who have children who rebel are targeted as dysfunctional and therefore because they do not conform to a normal behavior, they are outcastes.

The more you try to fight the abnormal, the more it will continue to fight back.

When we think of this pandemic we only see the impact it has had as a negative entity. It is a strong and frightening virus that won’t let up because it knows it is being pushed back. Humans are fighting this fight because they think they are the doing the right thing by trying to kill it but it is only a method to make this virus stronger.

Biologist should know that life finds a way. There is no controlling this and they must let it live and let live in order for us to continue our journey.

Restrictions and Barriers

We can’t continue on this path because it is only upsetting society. For 2 years we have been doing this and nothing is preventing this virus from continuing on its mission. I really wish that government officials would understand and learn from the past mistakes. They already know the vaccine isn’t helping, the marks are sore eye fashion statement and social distancing is something of the past that makes no sense. We see people who wear the masks and then set out for dinner, while sitting in a crowded room, take off their masks.

I know you are thinking it, why bother wearing it at all?

Alright, enough about this:

So, 2022.

I can’t tell you what will happen but I can say this, my goals are still the same. I want to be better, understand my journey and continue to keep the conversation going. We all need to remember that a voice is important and if only one person listens, at least we have accomplished something.

As always, be unconditional, welcome open conversations and happy new year

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