are you sick of sacrificing your time for others

in today’s society, we recognize the stresses of mental health and how people are filled with anxiety. we see big changes in behaviour, lifestyle, and our way to communicate these feelings. i have ask the question:

is it enough?

people with mental health issues are categorized and sometimes the need for just an understanding of ones’ self isn’t enough to make us feel important. a job well done should be rewarded not only by money but by acknowledgement. without this, we lose confidence, lack sleep, we feel disconnected and most of all unappreciated. this my friends can cause many other physical and mental issues.

this isn’t about gratification or validation but it sure would help once in a while if people would notice. i know far to many people who do a great job and never get the recognition they deserve. for years i spent my time building a great team of people, some not so interested in being a part of it but in the end i realized that you can’t make people understand something if they don’t understand themselves.

that is the key to success and growth.

the knowledge you have, the experiences you endure, make you the best person you can be only because it shows us the different roads to take in order to be that better person. the next question is:

what is a better person?

one who is fully aware of ones’ own limitation and can speak freely about anything in a respectful way of course. that is why i decided to showcase my work a little more. it was last year that i sat here day after day writing eBooks in order to help those who wanted to live an unconditional life and for the life of me, i gave up on myself and never displayed my books. the thing is it isn’t so much about making money anymore but the knowledge i have and being able to share it with people who will appreciate me.

yes, admitting this is a good step.

i feel as though my existence is without acknowledgement yet again but i know one thing for sure, this time, i have the tools to not let it bother me to the point of destruction. so i encourage you to take a look at a 5 step unconditional lifestyle series i wrote, working on the last book ‘love’.

remember it isn’t about validation but the satisfaction i get from knowing people care.

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i believe in living an unconditional lifestyle by expression of truths. creative, inspiring and most giving. i have had many position in my lifetime that has given me the ability to excel in whatever i set my mind too.

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