Are You Ready For 2022

New beginnings or are we heading into another shitty year?

It has become apparent that our lifestyle isn’t going to change and the problem with this is the more we dive into it, the more people are going to suffer. If more people would stand up for what is right, I truly believe we could back to a normal status.

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Then again, most of you will say, “what is normal?”

I can say without a doubt, you are thinking it. We are humans with a certain passion for chaos but this has gone on far to long for us to come back from it. The idea that our governments, and it does not matter where you live, the whole world is in the same sinking boat, we must all stand up for what is right.

Mental Health is so important and I don’t know but we are constantly trying to justify the reality when in fact, the control is what is really pissing us all off. I will say it again and again, our rights have been taken away and if do not comply, then we are punished.

Making Sense of What Comes Next

On a personal level with great efforts, I am just distracting myself otherwise I will crack up. At this point, I don’t even feel like celebrating the holidays but must for the sake of the little kids. It is hard enough without trying to make them understand that grandmas and grandpas or adults are living a nightmare which they didn’t see coming, let alone saying to them, “Santa is suffering from Mental Health and can’t come to the phone right now!”

So like any good person, I will make the traditional Christmas lunch and hope all goes well.

On a Personal Note

I am truly hoping for a miracle, even though I have no faith, I seek inspiration for my career, life and especially lots of money to go with it. After all, I do have responsibilities and let’s face it, those bills don’t wait for anyone.

So while I still style my website, I wish you all a good, safe and happy holiday for those who celebrate and remember, be unconditional, give to those who have nothing and try the eggnog.

yours truly,

the Writer


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