are we creatures of habit or desperation?

i would like to believe that although our lives are planned out ahead of time, the world has shown us we can’t control anything or even map out what is the best course of action. we must at all cost do what is best for us even if it means changing.

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as we slide into the next week and into a new month, i am more focused on change than habit and want to really change my style of expression. i believe we are often restricted and this is unacceptable for growth and mental health. we should feel free to say how we feel without judgement or consequences.

as i make my way into a new creation and thoughts of what i really want out of life without the chaos surrounding us, let me be clear on what this blogger is fixing to accomplish.

PEOPLE DO NO KNOW WORDS OF A WRITER – this has to change.

i have always wanted to inspire others, make it better, make them understand my concept of unconditional but most of all i want people to recognize that even with changes, we can feel better about ourselves.

what makes people notice others on social media is it a picture, a word or just plain luck that someone will land here and say something nice. when i figure it out i’ll let you know. i have always said, if i make an impact on at least one person a week, then i am good but if i am being honest, i want to reach more and send the message.


going through changes is never easy but i am on another adventure and this one, i have a great feeling about. what i thought i wanted really was a measure of how became to regret all of my past and let me tell you, it wasn’t what i thought.

i love it when i realize how wrong i was about something because it truly opens my eyes. i feel so much better this morning and i am on to a new week of new beginnings.

please don’t forget to send me a line or two and feel free to comment. love it!

always be unconditional,

the Writer.


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