are people driving you crazy?

i have noticed my tolerance is very low, in all aspects of life, we meet people who are less than smart and it isn’t because of educational background but because their attention isn’t in the moment. my latest podcast talks about this type of lifestyle and how we are creating a life that is far more complicated than it needs to be. we expect too much, do less and want more.

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some of us are more ambitious than others and try to compete. the struggle with that is when you have more than one power house person running the show, the information gets tangled and in the end, the answer is never the same.

why people need to be better than others really flips my lid and i can’t understand this only because we are all here on this earth for a purpose and even though some of us may not know why, we are still all trying to make a good life for ourselves.

i also hate people who try to pretend they are something when they are not.

i have seen that far to many times and i can honestly say, this puts a “hell ya” on my lifestyle. i am a very smart woman, or so i am told and i can tell you i don’t try to pretend to be better than anyone else and i certainly don’t have to look lavish to do so. i do not speak big words or contradict the facts and for the most part, i keep to myself.

however, when someone sets me off, i tell it like it is.

the best advice i can give on this matter is step away. it’s simple. do not interact or react and when all is said and done, the only one who will show their true colors will be the person who knows it all not act like they know it all.

we need to be kind to one another and be mindful of words.


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